Increase Sales Using The Power of Reciprocity and Promotional Products

May 04

The power of promotional items often underestimated, as most people think of them as just a giveaway which doesn’t necessarily produce results. But promotional products are capable of some prett...

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Go Beyond Apparel With Creative Race Giveaways That Participants Will Love!

Mar 13

Races of all kinds - running, biking, swimming - draw in millions and millions of participants a year. Just as popular as the races are the giveaways. While apparel is always big, I’m going to s...

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The Best Giveaways For Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes

Mar 05

Assisted living communities and nursing homes provide much-needed care and give peace of mind to both residents and family members. But to keep offering such helpful services, it’s really import...

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Top Picks For The Hottest Promo Items of 2018: Logo Owl’s Favorites

Jan 30

Last week I had the amazing experience of attending the largest promotional products trade show in the country. After scouring over 1,200 booths I came back with lots of awesome ideas for 2018, includ...

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What Everyone Can Learn From Portland's "Buy Local" Campaign

Dec 04, 2017

While I work with companies all over the country, I also do a lot of work in my city of Portland, Maine and realize one thing that many businesses tend to overlook: it’s our own backyards that w...

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QR Codes and The Future of Promotional Products The iOS 11 feature that will impact the future of promotional products

Nov 16, 2017

QR codes on promotional products has been an option for a while, but having a QR reader included in the new iOS 11 could be every marketer’s dream when it comes to figuring out ROI.  The m...

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Banking Giveaways That Are Sure To Be A Hit

Oct 23, 2017

Financial institutions, credit unions and banks all want to let people know their money is safe with them. But that doesn’t mean the giveaways have to be serious as well! There’s plenty of...

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The Must-Have Apparel for Construction Companies The Apparel Every Construction Company Should Have

Oct 08, 2017

Just like every business, branding in construction is a big deal. One of the best ways to do it is through decorated apparel and these days there are TONS of options.  Here are the products that...

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